Photo of Ellen

I’m a nineteen-year-old coffee-obsessed gal who loves to do sudokus in my spare time. Branding, illustration, and working with a grid are all favourites for me when it comes to Graphic Design.
In high school, I fell in love with doodling during class and just never stopped. Red River College’s Graphic Design program allowed me to keep working creatively through secondary education.
When not working in class, you can find me planting trees out in BC during the summer while singing along to my favourite bands.



Mental health non-profit rebrand.


2 Spread typography article.


Rebrand for Winnipeg photographer.

Heads & Tales

A book proposal with a story close to my heart.

The Walrus

Magazine cover design.


A twist to a classic drink's labelling.

Get In Touch

Need a logo designed? An illustration? Maybe a wallpaper consultation? I can help you out with anything design-related and am happy to do it. Email me and we can get started.